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Rick Schooler
Veterans Roofing & Construction
4640 Keg Court
Fayetteville, NC
David Taylor
Treadlite Roofing
3006 Cliffdale Rd.
Fayetteville, NC
E & J Renovations
(910) 273-9423
1919 Wordsworth Drive
Fayetteville, NC
Interior and Exterior design and repair
Licenses / Certifications
Several diplomas and certifications
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Chapman-Wilson Pools Spas & Home Improvements Inc
(910) 424-4663
606 Hope Mills Rd
Fayetteville, NC
A&A Handyman Services
(910) 574-3856
1105 Hodhat Dr
Fayetteville, NC
electrical, plumbing, framing, decks, remodels
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
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Jay Leonard
JTL Sevices LLC
3999 Sanderosa Road
Fayetteville, NC
Anton Van Smith
Lewis-Smith Lawn Service
1408 Mack Street
Spring Lake, NC
Allbuild Home Improvements
(910) 426-8686
8025 Kalmia Ln Hope Mls
Fayetteville, NC
Cape Fear Home Improvements
(910) 323-2951
1216 Fort Bragg Rd
Fayetteville, NC
Able Custom Painting Inc
(910) 425-0675
2140 Buckhorn Rd
Fayetteville, NC

Time and Money Saving Appliance Installation Tips

When building in an appliance, make sure it can be removed easily for service. Flexible hookups for dishwashers and gas ranges can make repair jobs less labour intensive. Also, leave extra electric cable when installing electric wall ovens and cooktops. This will minimize the time the technician spends on the job when repair time comes and reduce the cost to you.

If you will be tiling your kitchen floor, make sure you tile beneath the dishwasher or at least raise its flooring to the same height as the tiles. Once down, there may not be enough clearance to remove the dishwasher for servicing. The only alternative will be to lift the whole counter top off of the cupboards.

The dishwasher's drain hose also needs special attention. The hose should first be routed up to the under side of the countertop before looping down to the drain connection. If this loop is removed, a siphoning effect will occur removing the water from the washer prematurely.

Refrigerators with forced air condensers are the only kind that can be built in. Models with regular static condensers will not be able to dissipate the heat if used in this application. This will result in poor cooling efficiency and damage to the compressor. You can tell forced air models by the fan, located in the compressor compartment, that is used to circulate air through the condenser.

When connecting an icemaker to the water line, leave extra tubing coiled behind the fridge to allow the appliance to be pulled forward for service and maintenance. Copper tubing is recommended for this application because it is the most durable. Plastic tubing in this application can become brittle over time, when exposed to the heat of the compressor and condenser, and fracture causing water damage to the floor.

When installing laundry equipment into closets, make sure water shut-offs can be reached easily. Also ensure the water hoses are long enough to remove the appliance wh...

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