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Klein Construction
(217) 351-9174
408 N Carson Ave
Champaign, IL
Kubbs Repair Service
(217) 356-3696
2805 Carrelton Dr
Champaign, IL
Custom Painting
(217) 840-6906
2616 W. John St
Champaign, IL
Elliott Construction
(217) 356-3995
603 W White St
Champaign, IL
Seaman Bill Construction
(217) 352-6087
4102 Turnberry Dr
Champaign, IL
Accurate Construction
(217) 778-7346
506 E Dells
Champaign, IL
Darcy Bean Custom Construction
(217) 398-4919
206 W Springfield Ave
Champaign, IL
Sears Home Services
2000 N NEIL ST

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Hopetree Home Repair
(217) 863-2488
1566 County Road 400 E
Champaign, IL
Freeman Construction Company
(217) 356-9955
2408 N Duncan Rd
Champaign, IL
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Attic tips

Making A Room

Brighten Your Attic

Brighten your attic by installing skylights on the north or east slopes of your roof. There are bubble or strip skylights available.

Making an attic into a Room

When is it good to make your attic into another room? If you have the following:
  • Ample headroom.
  • Makes a reasonable room.
  • Has a stairway leading to attic space.
  • Floor joists are large enough to support the added load.

    Attic Ventilation

    Attic Storage

    If you are storing holiday decorations in the attic, make sure these items are not obstructing the air flow at soffit or gable vents. Vents should remain open in the winter to allow any condensation that forms to be able to escape outside. Otherwise, moisture will accumulate on your rafters and sheathing and eventually cause them to rot.

    Water Moisture In The Home

    Make sure your kitchen and baths are vented to the outside of the house. These rooms generate the most moisture in your house. A timer switch on the ventilating fans will help you remember to run the fans long enough to clear out all the moisture, and shut off automatically. Also, if the house walls are not insulated, water vapor will condense on the drywall. Think about installing some needed insulation in these rooms.


    Dampness is almost unavoidable in new homes because of the gallons of water that went into the construction of foundation walls, basement floors, paint and even bathtub grout.
    Although proper ventilation helps speed drying, allow about a year for through curing. Don't hurry the process with high temperatures, unnatural heat can cause warping and other damage. Doing the following can help:
    • Open basement windows during warm weather, close when weather is damp.
    • Have outside venting for kitchen, bath and utility areas.
    • Adjust the humidifier, if there is one in your heating system.
    • Consider installing a dehumidifier in extremely damp areas.
    • Check sumps periodi...

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