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D & B Construction
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Rapidan Plumbing Inc
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5110 Park Dr
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Douglas Clark
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6205 Crain Hwy
La Plata, MD
Real Tree Flooring
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9910 Hidden Creek Ln
Fredericksburg, VA
David Light Jr Inc
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1132 Summit St
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PTR Tub & Tile Restoration
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Mine Rd.
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Tub and tile cleaning, refinishing
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Olde Towne Kitchen & Bath Inc
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410 Amaret St
Fredericksburg, VA
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2713 Lafayette Blvd
Fredericksburg, VA
Kitchen And Counters- See Kitchen Encounters Inc
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4991 Quality Dr
Fredericksburg, VA
Wallpaper Removal by Laurie Hynes
(757) 620-2608
700 Marston Drive
Chesapeake, VA
Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper Your Bathroom

How to wallpaper a bathroom In the last few years, wallpaper has made a come-back, adding splashes of colour and accents of luxury to the home. Until recently, wallpaper was mainly used on feature walls or in small spaces, but the trend is changing. Wallpaper is now covering entire rooms, and the choice of textures, colours and patterns available is pretty much infinite.

The bathroom isn't escaping this trend either, but the worry of wallpapering a humid room often stops people going for it. Online retailer provided us with a straightforward guide to help you wallpaper your bathroom.

Before you begin, you will need: bucket sponge sugar soap or TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) or equivalent filler (spackle compound) filing knife sandpaper wallpaper paste trimming knife wallpaper scorer wallpaper pasting brush paperhanging brush tape measure spirit level or plumb line pencil scissors paste table or flat work surface ladder Take time to choose the right wallpaper Like every room in the house, not every style of wallpaper will suit your bathroom. Take into consideration the size of your bathroom, its shape and how much light it gets throughout the day. This will help you to decide which colour scheme will work best and which type of pattern would suit your bathroom. Many suppliers now offer great ranges of vinyl-based wallpapers specifically designed to withstand splashes and steamy environments. That said, wallpaper is not recommended for areas in direct contact with water, especially near showers .

Once you have chosen the wallpaper and decided where you want to use it, decide how many rolls you will need. Measure the total width you want to cover and divide it by the width of the roll, and do the same with the height, dividing by the length of the roll, including an extra 10 cm (4 inches) for trimmings.

When buying the wallpaper, make sure that the reference, shade and batch numbers are exactly the same for each roll, and get an extra one just in case.

Don't neglect the preparation Because the bathroom is subject to temperature and humidity conditions much more extreme than the rest of the home, it is even more important to have perfectly prepared walls.

If your walls are already covered in wallpaper, it is best to strip the existing paper, rather than pasting over. Go around the room and gently score the wallpaper before soaking it with a mixture of warm water and sugar soap or TSP, and start peeling up the wallpaper from the floor to the ceiling, making sure you don't scratch the plaster underneath. You will probably need to unscrew face plates around sockets and light switches so you can remove the wallpaper underneath them. If you need to do so, switch the power off at the mains to avoid electric shocks. Once the walls are paper-free, wash them down with sugar soap and water so there are no traces of glue left. If your walls are simply painted, just wash them with soapy...

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