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Austen's Furniture Restorations
(803) 739-6542
314 Jimmy Martin Cir
Gaston, SC
Clayborne's Amish Furniture
(803) 356-7100
4414 Augusta Rd
Lexington, SC
Crawfords Quality Woodworks
(803) 359-7964
113 Dickert Dr
Lexington, SC
Furniture Repair

Stones Upholstery Repair Shop
(803) 951-0423
6370 Platt Springs Rd
Lexington, SC
A & T Upholstery
(803) 247-3264
403 Sharpe Rd
North, SC
Chandler Custom Upholstering
(803) 796-2020
3823 Augusta Rd
West Columbia, SC
Daniels Fine Furniture and Bedding
(803) 955-3618
3911 Edmund Hwy
West Columbia, SC
Sherwood's Furniture Warehouse
(803) 794-7125
4211 Augusta Rd
Lexington, SC
Colburn's Furniture Restoration
(803) 755-7367
1121 Boiling Springs Rd
Lexington, SC
Elan Furniture Restoration
(803) 794-8115
1828 State St
Cayce, SC

Bunk Beds

For students in a dorm looking for more space, a bunkbed that is strong, inexpensive and easy to build, may be the answer. If you are looking to loft your bed and put your desk or a chair or other furniture under it, these plans will work for that too. And if you are just looking for an inexpensive, yet sturdy bunk as a temporary unit.. take a look.

I built this with my daughter in a couple hours, took it apart and loaded it in her car and she put it back together at school with no trouble at all. EXCEPT her bed was 3 inches wider. So we needed to make the cross pieces (C) 36 inches long and replace the original ones. Oh, well, measure twice, cut once! These plans were ones supplied by her boyfriend's university as the official bunks allowed in the dorms.

Bunkbed Construction Plans

This bunk bed is specifically designed to accommodate any of the various sizes of bed frames found at your college or university. Students should use the bed frame provided by the University.

Before cutting and building it though, measure the length and width of your bed frame or mattress to make sure it fits. This frame as described in our plans will hold the bed frame with the legs removed as long as it is 80" or less long and 34" or less wide. If yours is longer or wider, you will need to make adjustments.


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