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Corrado Cleaning
(636) 533-7884
518 Crawford St
Terre Haute, IN
Lankford'S Well Drilling & Pump Service
(812) 870-1484
11451 E Flesher Ave
Terre Haute, IN
Sweeper World
(812) 232-8640
2401 S 3rd St
Terre Haute, IN
Pioneer Pest Control
(812) 466-1060
PO Box 5256
Terre Haute, IN
Moore'S Master Cleaning Service Inc
(812) 877-9827
4805 N Main St
Terre Haute, IN
Servicemaster Co
(812) 232-5391
1530 N 25th St Vigo County
Terre Haute, IN
Smith Well Drilling
(812) 466-5613
5160 E Rose Hill Ave
Terre Haute, IN
Deep Clean Services
(812) 234-4085
2814 S 7th St
Terre Haute, IN
Flood Squad-Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Service & Sewage Extraction Restoration Co
(310) 000-0231
425 E. Margaret Dr
Terre Haute, IN

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A Clean Sweep
(812) 460-4180
6782 N Wahoo Tree St
Terre Haute, IN
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Caring For a Brand New Deck

New wood prevents the essential penetration of a clear wood finish for a variety of reasons (e.g., moisture content, mill glaze, closed wood pores, etc.). Ideally, it must weather for about one year to naturally remove these barriers. Leaving it completely unprotected during this initial weathering is unwise. That’s why it is smart to protect your new deck with Flood Seasonite® New Wood Treatment. Seasonite allows new wood to age gracefully, avoiding the shock that results from direct contact with the elements that can lead to excessive splitting, warping, cracking and color loss.

Doing The Job:

  1. Make sure your deck is clear of all loose debris.
  2. Cover any areas you will not be treating,such as plants, The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System shrubs and bushes, with a tarp or dropcloth.
  3. Apply liberally with a brush, roller or garden sprayer. Make sure the Seasonite flows in between the boards and into cracks. Remember to saturate the end grain too.
  4. Allow 12 hours to dry. Let the wood weather for about 12 months before applying a clear The Flood Company - Can Do Wood Care System wood finish such as CWF-UV®.
  5. Clean up with soap and water.


    Used with permission of the Flood Company

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What You Need:

  • Seasonite New Wood Treatment
  • Tarps, dropcloths, wiping rags
  • A brush, roller or garden sprayer
  • Soap and water

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