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Home Depot #2407
(207) 873-9299
60 Waterville Commons Drive
Waterville, ME
Mccormack True Value
(207) 873-6467
30 Lithgow St
Winslow, ME
F W Webb Company
(207) 872-5522
Heywood Road
Winslow, ME
Lakeview Lumber
(207) 968-2498
Rt 202
China Village, ME
Redlon & Johnson
(207) 623-4517
314 State St
Augusta, ME
Home Depot #2404
(207) 621-6888
26 Stephen King Drive
Augusta, ME
Agway True Value
(207) 872-7039
30 Garland Road
Winslow, ME
(207) 873-3371
14 North St
Waterville, ME
(207) 620-5027
53 Crossing Way
Augusta, ME
M-SA 6 am - 10 pm
SU 8 am - 7 pm

Lowe's #2265
(207) 620-5027
53 Crossing Way
Augusta, ME

Choosing a Front Door

The New Front Door

We'd talked about purchasing a new front door for years. The cold leaked in many a winter with drafts before we actually got serious.

Finally we went to a home improvement center to browse. Fiberglass, wood, steel; some very pricey indeed! And look at all the variations and colors! This was not going to be as easy as we thought!

First, we researched, besides the cost, how each door type was better or worse. Fiberglass was our final choice.

Now for the fun! We decided to go downtown with our digital camera and take photos of all the various doors we liked on neighbor's houses. After a good stroll and getting about a dozen styles, we headed home.

Using Paint and Microsoft Picture Manager on our computer; we were able to put the various door styles onto a photo of our "real" house and "see" how they would actually appear. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we did.

The results were surprising to us. Many doors that we had leaned to liking, actually didn't suit our colonial at all!

This simple exercise led us to confidently purchase a fiberglass front door with sidelites for around $1000. We have more light, no cold and drafts and a great front entrance!
Happy hunting to all!

Our house, before we changed the door

Some of our choices. I just figured out how large to make the doors to fit in, then cut them out of the houses we took pictures of and pasted them in.


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