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Tech Painting Co., Inc
(703) 684-7702
1406-B Leslie Ave.
Washington, DC
MarcParc Inc
(202) 464-2900
1233 20th St., NW
Washington, DC
Broncos Drywall
(202) 391-1767
4713 Montgomery Pl
Beltsville, MD
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8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Mon - Fri

Sielic - Key Drywall - Drywall Finishing
(540) 295-9301
271 Wood Landing Rd
Fredericksburg, VA
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9am - 5 pm

Handyman Services of Northern Virginia
(703) 237-0390
2850 Greenway Blvd
Falls Church, VA
Handyman Services of Northern Virginia
(703) 237-0390
2850 Greenway Blvd
Falls Church, VA
MidPark Services
(202) 462-1204
55 Quincy Pl., NW
Washington, DC
Ceilings & Walls Drywall
(757) 236-5857
Newport News, VA
David Barco Plastering Inc.
(757) 650-7928
3441 Saint Clair Drive
Chesapeake, VA
Ace Drywall & Plastering
(804) 218-6754
605 Milton St
Richmond, VA
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Mon-Fri: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Drywall Repair Questions and Answers

Nail Pops

Nail Pops

We built a house 4 yrs ago. Over the past few months I have noticed approx. 10 nail pops in the drywall. What is the proper way to repair this?

They are caused by the studs behind the drywall shrinking. This leaves more nail (or screw) exposed and if you push on the drywall, and it moves back against the stud, it will force the head out through the joint compound. sometimes this will happen even if you don't push on the wall.

So it occurs to me. This is a new idea. But before you fix just the few you have now, if you are going to work on a wall... push it in hard all over the studs to get as many to pop as possible and fix them all at once.

To fix them, pick away the loose compound to expose the head. If it is a screw, (screws are often used now) screw it in tight. You don't want to screw it in through the surface of the drywall, you just want it dimpled. If it is a nail, same thing, drive it in, again not too deep.

Then using ready mixed joint compound refill and cover the hole. Sand it flush and flat and even with the surrounding wall, and repaint it. When you sand, use a sanding block. (A flat piece of wood you wrap the sandpaper around... preferably with some felt or rubber glued to the flat surface.) The sanding block will ensure you are sanding the area flat.

Stud nails coming out of wall through plaster

In several different areas of our three story townhome, it looks like the nails in the studs are coming out. There are round holes in the plaster that are spaced evenly apart vertically. In some areas, it looks like these were patched over previously to hide the nail head. What is going on?

What happens is the studs shrink behind the wallboard leaving a gap and then the wallboard is pushed in or pulled in by other screws or nails, the ones with the gap pop through. They are evenly spaced because the wall is screwed in every 8 inches or ...

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