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Francis Electric
(620) 342-2529
1013 West 12th Avenue
Emporia, KS
Shelley Electric Inc
(620) 342-6611
Emporia, KS
Commercial/Institutional, Industrial, Residential, Service - Residential

Murray Electric
(620) 342-6738
1114 Exchange Street
Emporia, KS
Torrens D L Elect Contractor
(620) 343-1783
1087 Road L5
Emporia, KS
Dans Electric - Business Office
(620) 273-6948
323 Broadway
Cottonwood Falls, KS
Gerald Schumann Electric Inc
(620) 342-9924
1027 Rural Street
Emporia, KS
Als Electric
(620) 342-8215
455 Road 180
Emporia, KS
Shelley Electric
(620) 342-6611
328 Graham Street
Emporia, KS
Dans Electric
(620) 273-6243
323 Broadway
Cottonwood Falls, KS
Flintstone Blasting
(620) 437-2393
412 East Santa Fe Street
Madison, KS

Wiring a 3-way or 4-way switch

Do you need to wire 2 switches to control the same light or lights??

Or, wire 3 switches to control the same light or lights??

Here are the instructions for wiring:

Wiring a 3-Way Switch

To use 2 switches to control the same fixture, you will need to use two 3-way switches.

Run 2-wire cable from the fixture to the first switch. Between the switches you will need to run 3-wire (with ground) cable. (The white and red wires will be the switched wires.)

In the picture below, we show power coming into the light fixture. The black (hot) wire will pass right through going to the first switch. Attach it to the white wire of the wire running to the switch. The white wire from the power source will attach to the light's white wire. The light's black wire should be attached to the black wire running to the first switch.

At the switch the white wire (hot) coming from the light, will be connected to the dark colored screw. Mark it with a black marker or paint the end black to indicate it is hot. The red and white wire of the 3-wire going to the next switch should be attached to the light colored screws. Connect the black wire of the 3 wire cable to the black coming into the switch from the light.

At the second switch, attach the black wire to the dark screw and the white and red to the light colored screws.
3 way switch wiring 3 way elementary
For more elementary wiring diagrams of different 3 way circuits scroll down to the bottom of the page. ...

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