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YESCO Sign & Lighting Service
(630) 237-4399
6N144 Harvey Rd
Medinah, IL
(800) 443-8254
800 E Northwest Highway
Palatine, IL
All Lamp Recycling, LLC.
(417) 782-7244
310 Illinois Street
Lemont, IL
Gem Electric Supply Inc.
(773) 247-7711
4784 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL
Kennedy-Webster Elec. Co.
(312) 876-6883
133 N Jefferson St
Chicago, IL
Idlewood Electric Supply Inc.
(773) 286-1800
5010 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL
E Sam Jones Distributor
(312) 225-9445
6226 S Oak Park Ave
Chicago, IL
(630) 842-9660
5n501 abbey glen drive
st charles, IL
Cosas Inc.
(312) 492-6100
2170 S Canalport Ave
Chicago, IL
Hortons Home Finishings
(312) 337-9172
1617 N Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL

Electrical Tips

Lights and Light Switches

Defective Light Switches

BE CAREFUL---but you can do this job yourself! Concentrate fully on what you're doing. Begin by shutting off the breaker that controls this circuit. Test it to make sure the circuit is now dead by checking that whatever the switch powers no longer works. Loosen the screws off the plate. The switch will be loosened and you can gently pull it loose from its setting. Then loosen the bolts holding the switch and remove it. Put on the new switch and return it to the wall. Tighten it and replace the switch cover.

Light Switches

Add a special touch to your walls or match a room's paneling with custom-made light switch plates! Use up some of your wood scraps, paneling or wallpaper scraps. Construction time should take under an hour to complete!

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are useful in that they emit a whiter, brighter and more easily focused beam of light than conventional incandescent bulbs. These lights help reduce eyestrain for reading and other close work. The bulbs tend to last much longer, therefore they are great for using outside in hard to get to light fixtures. They are also 10 to 20% more energy efficient and tend to burn brighter longer.

Maximum Light

To achieve maximum illumination from the bare light bulbs hanging in your basement and /or attic install reflectors above the lights. Just cut a square piece of scrap plywood, leaving a hole in the center for the light. Then paint plywood piece white, nail up piece to the joists, and you're all set!

Lightbulb Sizes

We've all read the warning on lights or ceiling fixtures to stay with a certain size bulb,(e.g. 60-watt). This warning is in place because if a hotter, oversized bulb is used, heat can buildup and fire can occur! This is especially true for recessed lighting since there is no way for the air to circulate around the fixture! If you need more light in a room, add another fixture or replace the existing one that is too small.

Saving Energy

Saving Energy Tips

Try to limit the amount of heat entering your house during the summer. Try not to use lights and appliances during the hottest part of the day- as they generate more heat! Covering your windows with drapes or awnings will help keep the house cool. Every little bit will help and minimize the use of your air conditioner! That means you save money!!!

Vacation/Energy Savings

If you are soon off on vacation, take...

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