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T & M Fence Co.
(978) 365-6666
490 Main Street
Clinton, MA

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Garbarino Customs
(617) 449-9375
37 Pine Island Rd
Milford, MA

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South Coast Fence Co
(508) 997-5782
601 State Rd
Dartmouth, MA

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Berkshire Fencing Co
(413) 443-4515
1625 West Housatonic
Pittsfield, MA

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All Star Fence Co
(978) 863-9899
96 Main Street
North Reading, MA

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Up-Right Fence
(508) 479-2806
28 Gleenwood Street
Holden, MA

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Steadfast Fence
PO Box 662
Sturbridge, MA

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T & M Fence Co.
(978) 365-6666
490 Main Street
Clinton, MA

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Anderson Family Fence
(978) 251-0277
39 Quigley Ave
North Chelmsford, MA

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G B Hastie Fence Co
(413) 732-6541
44 Ramah Cir S
Agawam, MA

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Outdoors Questions and Answers

Installing a lattice privacy fence

What is the correct way to build a gate on a privacy fence? I need a gate that will last!

I am assuming you have a railing of some sort next to you neighbor. I would build a 2x4 frame, attach some privacy lattice on the neighbor side then hold it upand anchor it to the railing using clamps or attach to the wall and floor...that part is up to you.You may have to search around for some clamps that will do the job, look in the fencing parts area, automotive etc, to find something that would work. Attaching it to the floor and the wall would be best however to give it the proper stability it needs. IF you cannot build it yourself purchase a pre-built fencing section..that would also work and adhere a 2x4 to the wall side and attach the fencing section to the 2x4 brace. That should be enough to hold it in place with maybe just a wired edge on the other side next to the rail.
BOX like, square it off, attach fencing boards the same as you fence and install the proper fence hardware. They come in kits and often with fencing instructions.



I have a chain link fence installed around my pool area. I would like to replace the fence on one side with a wood privacy fence. My problem is that the area is nothing but concrete. My question is do they make anchors for attaching 4x4 wood posts to concrete without me having to tear up the concrete or can you suggest a way to anchor the post to the concrete. One of my thoughts was to use the existing post for the chain link fence and somehow attaching the wood posts to them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

They do make what you are looking for. Check out the post fasteners for attaching 4x4's or even 6x6's to a cement post. You will need to drill a hole in the cement and buy the expandable concrete bolts to bolt the fastener down. They work very well for a deck where all the load is vertical, which is NOT the case for a fence. Therefore I would leave the metal posts from the chain link fence in the ground and use those to supply the horizontal support. You can use c-clamps to clamp the post to the fence. Between the two, I believe you will get the sturdiness you are looking for.


Pillars with river rock veneer for fencing

I would like to build to pillars detached at my property line to be included in my cedar fence. It would be a standard 6' column ...

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