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Heating Questions and Answers

Gas Furnace Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

I have a gas furnace that the pilot light goes out on we replaced the thermocouple but did it fix problem any ideas?

When replacing the thermocouple, be sure to clean the socket where the thermocouple connects. Also, tighten all connections firmly. Lastly, you might want to clean out the pilot tube assembly. Spiders like making nests in those over the summer. If the pilot tube is blocked, the pilot flame may not be large enough to warm the thermocouple which causes the pilot light to go out. Hope that made sense and good luck!

Gas Furnace - Pilot Goes Out

I have a 20-year old Burnham America gas furnace - hot water heating system. The pilot has started putting itself out, requiring frequent re-lights. It stays on for about an hour or two and then shuts itself off again. The furnace has been working great for the past several years and was wondering if there were any adjustments to possibly make to the pilot (there's screw adjuster) or possibly part of the pilot assembly could be worn. Suggestions?

While lit, look at the pilot flame. It should be blue and burning against the tip of the thermocouple. If it is yellow or has a yellow tip, the pilot burner may need cleaning.

Most likely, the problem lies with a worn/old thermocoupler. You probably need to replace it. They are not expensive and easily obtainable from HVAC suppliers or large home centers.

Furnace Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit

We have a Coleman Furnace. (Heat & air come from vents in the floor). Last night we had some very heavy winds and this morning we couldn't get the furnace to go on. (Pilot was out). I opened up the unit and cleaned the pilot area. I can't get the pilot to stay lit. It comes on fine, but even after depressing the valve for 30-60 seconds, when I release it the pilot goes out. I checked the roof vent...that was OK...but it looks like a breeze is blowing the pilot flame when it does light.

You may not have any problem if your heater is equipped with a 'spill switch'. The spill switch attaches to the exhaust vent and to the gas inlet. If the vent portion senses CO, it shuts down the gas. A bad downdraft will cause the right conditions for this to happen. Sometimes, a faulty spill switch cause the same symptoms when there is nothing wrong... Also, a bad automatic damper will give the same symptoms.... You may need a pro to sort this one out.


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