Grouting Contractors Pleasant Grove UT

Looking for Grouting Contractors in Pleasant Grove? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Pleasant Grove that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Grouting Contractors in Pleasant Grove.

Set In Stone Tile & Design Inc
(801) 434-7510
774 W Center St
Orem, UT
Excel Stucco
(801) 226-1339
1089 N 900 W
Orem, UT
rocky mountain paving LLC
(801) 400-4584
1711 w 100 s
lehi, UT
pavers installation ,retaining walls ,stair ,sealer
7 am 6 pm
Prices and/or Promotions
$ 8 sqft in up

Sealsource International Llc
(801) 224-3800
1422 E 820 N
Orem, UT
Tri-Tex Inc
(801) 356-3545
75 Mountain Way Dr
Orem, UT
Sunroc Masonry Supply
(801) 802-6890
1570 W 200 N
Orem, UT
Hearth & Home
(801) 224-5550
1678 N State St
Orem, UT
T L Concrete
(801) 607-3611
140 N 1000 E
Orem, UT
Houghton Plaster Inc
(801) 374-6056
1411 W 1250 S Ste 210
Orem, UT
Casper Rick Stucco Shop
(801) 434-9436
1385 W 465 S
Orem, UT

HandymanWire -Grout Questions and Answers

How to use a mortar grout bag

I try to lay some paver on my entrance way. And having a big problem on mortar grout bag. No matter what I did(press hard), the mortar seem don't want to come out to fill in the joint. I did put allot of water when mix mortar but still no luck. If you known the trick, please help!!!

There really is no real trick to using a grout bag. Check to make sure that the nozzle is clear or if your bag doesn't have one that you have cut the end of the bag large enough for the grout to pass through. The other thing to remember is don't press the bag twist the top like you are trying to wring it out. Other than that there is not much that can go wrong.

I bought the grout bag from Home Depot, made by plastic with red nose, yes.. it has a little hold with 1/4" diameter. The problem is I used the ready mix mortar also bought from same place for mortar bag, and every time when I try to twist, press.. it doesn't come out and look like all the sand is getting down to the bottom of the bag to block the hold. Can you tell me what part's of the mix technique or the material(mortar and sand) can I use.

Sounds as if the problem is not the bag but the mix. Most spec.mix mortar seems to separate in the bags and if you don't mix hole bags at a time you do not get a good mix. Also and don't ask me why the fine grains of sand always seem to be gone leaving a course and hard to finish mixture. go to your lumber or block yard and buy a bag of Type N or S mortar mix ask them where you can get some plaster sand or you can buy silica sand which is finer yet. Mix the sand and mortar 1 part mortar to 3 parts sand and that should do it.



I am a ceramic artist. I have made handmade tiles for my kitchen wall and have put them on the wall. The tiles are green/blue with a beige design. I would like to grout the tiles now, but don't want the grout to ...

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