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Heimler Heating Cooling And Plumbing
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5524 Vaugas Road
Woodstock, GA
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Danico Inc
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P.O. BOX 670355 Marietta
Marietta, GA
Hughes Professional Carpet
(678) 494-4884
1148 Jvl Ct # 120 Marietta
Marietta, GA
R C S Inc
(678) 819-2274
980 Cobb Place Blvd NW # 100 Kennesaw
Kennesaw, GA
(770) 509-5230
1165 Allgood Rd Ste 22 Marietta
Marietta, GA
Thermatrol Inc
(404) 939-4979
1861 Branch View Dr
Marietta, GA
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The Advisory Firm
12600 Deerfield Parkway
Alpharetta, GA
D. Mckeon Heating And Air Conditioning Inc.
(770) 425-8779
2260 Moon Station Court Building 300
Kennesaw, GA

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Servidyne C R S/Nutemp
(770) 422-7270
1098 King Industrial Dr Marietta
Marietta, GA
Dectron Inc
(757) 468-9396
995 Mansell Rd Ste B Roswell
Roswell, GA
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Conserving on Your Heating Bill

  • Insulate walls, ceilings and floors as required. See R Values for recommended R values. Savings in fuel costs in a well insulated home over an uninsulated home will pay for the cost of proper insulation in a few years.

  • Install storm windows and storm doors. These items of good quality and properly installed are a major factor in fuel savings as the reduce both heat transmission and air leakage.

  • Caulk all cracks around door and window frames and at the foundation.

  • If storm window and doors are not installed, use good weatherstripping to reduce air leakage.

  • Close outside doors promptly and securely.

  • Keep doors of an attached garage closed.

  • If the garage is heated, maintain the temperature at about 40F.

  • If the basement is to be heated, or there is no insulation in the floor above the basement, insulate the walls and seal cracks at the foundation, windows and doors. If possible install storm sash.

  • If the house is built over a crawl space, make sure the ventilating grills are closed and air tight during the heating season. Insulate the walls of the crawlspace if possible.

  • Closing the damper in the room with the thermostat can cause the rest of the house to overheat.

  • Lower the thermostat settings in unoccupied areas and close doors to those areas. A 10% setback overnight will save fuel.

  • For best performance a thermostat should be located on an inside wall where it will not be affected by sunlight. Do not locate on an outside wall, on a chimney wall, over a radiator or in direct drafts.

  • Keep the windows closed and locked when not opened for ventilation.

  • Close the fireplace damper when the fireplace is not in use. With the damper open, the warm air in the room will be drawn up the chimney. Install a set of glass doors on the fireplace which can be closed when the fireplace is not in use or when the fire is very small.

  • Have your heating equipment serviced and kept in top working condition. A d...
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