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Walk About Flooring
(256) 840-0494
1031 Crawford Rd
Boaz, AL
Flooring Concepts
(256) 894-8085
346 Railroad Ave
Albertville, AL
B & B Flooring Co
(256) 546-0173
1501 S 11th St
Gadsden, AL
Walk About Flooring LLC
(256) 582-5753
2307 Highway 79 S
Guntersville, AL
Foote Bros Carpet One
(256) 549-1965
200 W Meighan Blvd
Gadsden, AL
R Js Flooring Inc
(256) 561-6763
6373 County Road 26
Boaz, AL
Floor Source
(256) 538-9528
274 W Covington Ave
Attalla, AL
McAfee Tile Company
(205) 589-2223
3256 Main St
Altoona, AL
Dalton Flooring
(256) 543-7180
120 Holmes St
Gadsden, AL
Mince Larry Flooring & Interiors by Carolyn
(256) 442-7698
155 S Hawk Dr
Rainbow City, AL

HandymanWire - Wood Floor Questions and Answers

Floorboard Gaps: Filling and Reducing Drafts

The wide pine floorboards in my 200 yr old house are separating in places, for reasons unknown. The space between some of them is open to the cellar,and tends to be drafty and cold. Can I insulate the cellar ceiling with fiberglass rolls or something? It has been suggested to fill the gaps with something, but who knows what? What would be the best thing to do??

A couple things.

One, yes you can and should insulate the floor. The only exception to this is if you need the heat down there for plumbing, and heat down through the floor is the only source to prevent those pipes from freezing.

Usually you can insulate around the pipes to keep them inside the insulation, towards to warm floor. If you need to keep it warm down there, then maybe you should insulate the basement walls.

The insulation you would use is fiberglass. Comes in rolls and just pushes up into the space between the floor joists. Since your house is old, it probably will not have nice evenly spaced 16 inch on center joists. You can use Fishing line or small gauge wire to old the insulation up, strung across the joists, stapled to each, to support the insulation.

The pine boards shrunk as they dried out. If I am correct, the gaps are larger in the winter (when the relative humidity is low) and close up some in the summer. If you fill the gaps in the winter, the boards may tend to cup and buckle come summer. (Pine especially wide boards, will shrink and swell significantly with the seasons)

Filling Hardwood Floor Gaps

There is a small gap between 2 of my boards. Is there anything I could use to fill the gap to keep out the dirt?

Try to find some wood filler that matches the color of your floor and apply it with a putty knife.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

I have prefinished hardwood floors in my home that are about 5 years old. They are getting scratched and dull. I want to...

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