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R C Systems Inc
(586) 469-4200
247 Cass Ave
Mount Clemens, MI
H M S Software Inc
(586) 783-1004
20492 Kingston Dr
Clinton Township, MI
AMP Industries
(586) 469-4100
42050 Executive Drive
Harrison Township, MI
Auto Parts Retail, Computers and Equipment Wholesale and Manufacturers, Computer Peripherals, Die Cutting Equipment and Supplies, Molds Wholesale and Manufacturers

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Black Box Network Service
(586) 790-7909
17467 Brill Drive
Clinton Township, MI
Computer Network Hardware, Data Communications Equipment and Systems, Phone Communications Services

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Eclipse Consulting
(586) 263-1775
38800 Garfield Rd
Clinton Township, MI
Bob Development Co
(586) 465-7450
102 North Ave
Mount Clemens, MI
21st Century Graphic Technologies
(586) 463-9599
44272 N Groesbeck Hwy
Clinton Township, MI
Runde Corp
(586) 498-9511
24154 Manila St
Clinton Township, MI
(586) 412-2765
41017 Glenleven Ct
Clinton Township, MI
Pioneer Technology
(586) 416-0849
41090 Worthington
Clinton Township, MI
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HandymanWire - Wiring a Home Network

Some of the benefits of a home network are:
  • You can share files
  • You can share printers, scanners, etc.
  • You can make backup copies of your important files on another machine
  • You can extend the life of one of your old computers by installing a giant hard drive and let it live out its remaining years as an MP3 server, a backup file server, etc.
  • If you are using dialup connection to the internet a network would allow all calls to go from one modem on one computer?.good for security reasons.
  • If you are using high speed access to the internet, then everyone can share the benefits. What you need and how much will it cost? usual the answer is "It all depends?.", but the parts you need are easily specified and are standard. The only big variable is how you do the wiring, do you want to expand the scope of the wiring to include cable TV, phone, stereo?.etc.

    The basics?.This will be an Ethernet network (not any real choice about this). Fortunately, you don't have to know what Ethernet is or how it works. Buy and wire all the components so that the network will run at 100 Megabits. Many (if not most?) offices are still running 10 Megabit networks?.since we're starting this from scratc...

Maybe the concept of a home computer network seems a little far out, but to those of you with multiple computers already in the house and especially those who are looking at some sort of high speed rather than a dialup connection?.this is a fairly critical issue.

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