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Cajun Synthetics Stucco
(337) 856-0183
108 Heartland Ln
Lafayette, LA
Acme Brick Company
(337) 593-0350
516 Eraste Landry Rd
Lafayette, LA
Jimstone Co
(225) 272-5707
13751 Florida Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA
Adams Masonry Inc
(225) 924-2727
3213 Monterrey Dr
Baton Rouge, LA
Rush Masonry Inc
(504) 734-8844
670 Saint George Ave
New Orleans, LA
French Quarter Designs
(337) 989-5286
144 August Dr
Lafayette, LA
Cajun Synthetics Stucco
(337) 856-0183
108 Heartland Ln
Lafayette, LA
Leo V Suene Jr Masonry Inc
(504) 309-1136
2025 Touro St
New Orleans, LA
Chimney Chief Chimney Sweep
(504) 942-5577
1724 Gentilly Blvd
New Orleans, LA
Dilworth Michael K Inc
(225) 766-0711
1455 Barkley Dr
Baton Rouge, LA

HandymanWire - Masonry Tips

Water Problems

Water Around Your Foundation

Extra rainfall in the spring may cause excess moisture around your home's foundation. This could lead to water seeping into your basement. One way to help prevent this water dilemma is to install a rain diverter at each of your downspouts. The diverters direct the water away from the house, spreading it over a wider area of ground.

Wet Basement Walls

How do know whether your basement walls are wet due to water seepage or condensation in the air? Try taping a 1 ft. square piece of aluminum foil to the wall with some duct tape. After a couple days inspect the foil.
If the foil side facing the wall is moist, you have water seepage into the basement. Find a masonry sealer like ThoroSeal to waterproof the wall.
If the foil side facing the room is moist, you have condensation and need better air circulation and or a dehumidifier.


Heat Loss Through Roof

Remember that heat radiating from bricks melt the snow faster from around your chimney. If you have other melting places on your roof, check the insulation. It may have fallen between your rafters or you might need additional insulation, since you definitely have some heat loss through your roof.



Fall is a great time for your annual chimney inspection and cleaning. Call for an expert to clean your chimney if the buildup exceeds 1 cm. Residue left over from last years cozy evening fires can be deadly causing chimney fires, so its better to get rid of that creosote buildup!

Hints to Save Your Money During Cold Weather

  • Try to minimize the number of times that you open your doors to the outside weather.
  • When not using the chimney, remember to shut the flue.
  • Insulate walls and attic areas properly. Batts of insulation added to your attic is an easy do-it yourself project.

    Fireplace and Chimney

    Before building your first fire of the season, check to see that the dam...

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Masonry Questions and Answers

Mixing cement

I am trying my hand at cement for the first time. I would like to know how many parts sand, and how many cement. I'm going to try to make a walkway. any other information you can give for beginners will be appreciated. thanks a bunch.

For a walkway I would use 3/4 aggregate as follows per yd.

Cement 580 pounds, sand 1250 pounds, gravel 1730 pounds and water 290 pounds.

You can break this down to cubic feet of concrete by dividing by 27. Use separate buckets for each material marking them so that you don't have to weigh them every time. A bathroom scale can be used to weigh the ingredients. Simply repeat the cubic foot mixture until you have enough for your walkway.



I'm trying to install rock slabs over steel mesh & concrete & running into problems. Only the very lightest of rock will stay up. I am using real rock. Am I mixing the cement wrong or should I be using something else?

The only stone that I have seen installed the way you are trying is the fake stone poured out of light weight concrete. Most real stone is too heavy to be supported by the bond of the mortar to the plaster scratch coat. If you have a foundation of concrete or block you could use quick bolts and fasten an angle iron to the wall and lay your stone on that.


Removing cement

I had a friend do some work in my house about two weeks ago and he mixed portland cement with sand on my concrete backyard. When I went to flush the remainder down the drain he said to wait until it dried because it might stop up the drain. Unfortunately think I waited too long and now there is an unsightly mess there. What can I use to clean it?

I'd get a new friend. But really the only thing that will "melt" or attack the cement is acid. If there was no other additives such as acrylic in the mix an acid should do the trick. You can start wit...

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