Patio Furniture Repair Comstock Park MI

Looking for Patio Furniture Repair in Comstock Park? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Comstock Park that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Patio Furniture Repair in Comstock Park.

Scott Lake Upholstery
(616) 647-2277
6892 Lake Bluff Dr NE
Comstock Park, MI
Quality Craft Upholstery
(616) 458-4828
1312 Plainfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids Upholstery Services
(616) 785-1096
5000 Peach Ridge Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI
Bridge Street Custom Furniture & Uph
(616) 454-5725
240 Front Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI
Expert Furniture Restoration
(616) 458-1711
1123 Butterworth St SW
Grand Rapids, MI
B & J Upholstery Inc
(616) 363-3839
1591 Plainfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI
Brass Tack House of Upholstery The
(616) 363-8531
436 N Park St NE
Grand Rapids, MI
P & D Upholstery Studio
(616) 913-9525
842 Leonard St NW
Grand Rapids, MI
Wood Restoration Specialties
(616) 453-7777
1825 Lynne Ln NW
Grand Rapids, MI
Hess Upholstering Company
(616) 243-2183
1101 Godfrey Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI

HandymanWire -Outdoor Patio Questions and Answers


Repairing patio furniture

My Dad, who likes to do everything himself, is repairing his patio furniture. He has taken off the vinyl basket weave strapping, sanded down the old paint, and repainted. He has ordered the new vinyl strapping. He knows the pattern of the basket weave, and he wanted me to see if anyone has a good suggestion as to how to keep the weave tight. Are there any hints for him to use during the re-weaving which will enable the strapping to stay nice and tight?

I have found in the past that if I use a hair blow dryer to warm the vinyl as I weave and attach, it will shrink back to a snug fit.

Sources for Vinyl Strapping

My Dad is redoing his lawn furniture. He has taken off the old vinyl 1/2" strapping, and repainted the frames. He has ordered the strapping, and plans to put it back on in the same basketweave design. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the basketweave nice and tight? Sure would like some suggestions.

Go to this website for strapping

Redoing patio furniture

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to keep vinyl webbing tight while re-weaving the basketweave design with all new vinyl webbing on outdoor furniture? I need to know how to keep it tight so it will not be too loose.

The secret to tightening the strapping is that it is a thermo plastic. Two people are needed. Attach the strapping as tightly as you can, then weather "bake" the chair in a big oven, or uniformly heat the strapping with a shrink wrap heat gun.



Brick walk way

I want to install a brick walk way, what are the steps that I should take to do this? I know the area that I want to put it in but I don't know what goes first, second or third.

First remove the sod.
Dig down a little into the dirt... and then fill the area with sand. The depth to which you dig down is determined by the final height you want minus 3 inches of sand and the thickness of your brick.
Third, lay down a fine mesh plant barrier. I forget the name of this stuff, but they sell it for under walkways like this or under mulch to keep the grass from growing up through. Then put down your brick. You will need to consider how you will hold the brick in place. You can use pressure treated wood landscaping ties... or cement in the edge row of bricks or a cement curb/border. Or you c...

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