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Patriot Home Remodeling
3569 Imperial Hills Drive
Imperial, MO
Home Remodeling

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James Conway
All-Star Door & Installation, LLC
5504 L Southfield Drive
St. Louis, MO
Luminous Flooring LLC
(314) 773-6841
2777 Kings Crossing Dr
Barnhart, MO
Bax Built Construction, Inc.
(636) 475-6153
322 Montesano Park Dr.
Imperial, IL
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Fox Services Express

Show-Me Granite LLC
(314) 267-2087
4508 Ringer Road
Saint Louis, MO
Granite & Marble Countertops
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Josh Hudson
JH Construction
4894 Three Way Acres
Barnhart, MO
Sears Home Services
Crystal City, MO

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Bulls eye home remodeling
1226 cliff dr
festus, MO
Sears Home Services
Waterloo, IL

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Performance Roofing Inc
(314) 487-3028
4693 Baumgartner Rd
Saint Louis, MO
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Piping for drainage and runoff

Flexible Pipe vs Hard PVC

  • I like the flexible perforated pipe for drainage and leach beds rather than the perforated hard PVC pipe. The holes are smaller allowing only water in and evenly spaced in corrugated valleys to carry the water away.
  • I like the hard PVC pipe for non-perforated uses since it is easier to maintain the proper grade for flow through the pipe. However the non-perforated flexible pipe can work work well too.

Low Spots

Use the perforated pipe installed in gravel to collect and carry water away. Drains like this installed up hill from the house can keep significant water from running down hill to the foundation, which in turn would have lead to a wet basement. In heavy clay soils, several lines of perforated pipe may be needed to speed drainage.


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