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Whitney Plumbing & Electric
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Grand Rapids, MI
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Precise Plumbing & Excavating
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3294 88th Ave
Zeeland, MI

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G.R. Metro Plumbing, LLC
35 Richards Avenue Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI

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Clear Water Solutions, Inc.
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2678 Arthur St. E.
Coopersville, MI
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Visser Plumbing
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1991 Pine Rdg Dr SW
Jenison, MI

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Kenowa Plumbing Inc
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Grandville, MI

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Budget Plumbing, Inc.
44 Fair Street Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI

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Russcher Plumbing
(269) 751-8564
5151 Russcher Rd
Holland, MI

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Tailored Plumbing
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4618 Indian Lake Court
Wayland, MI

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HandymanWire -Plumbing Odors Questions and Answers

Basement smell

I have a sewer smell in my basement. Whenever I open the main trap, I feel a wind blowing and a smell coming out of it. It seems that this smell is permeating the basement. How do I fix this ?

It seems to me that you have an old "house trap" in your basement, which is part of the drainage system. Since this is an old system (no longer legal), I can only assume that you have cast iron piping. If so, this type of piping has a habit of forming a crack along the top side of the pipe over time, and this could be where your smell is coming from. I would suggest you inspect every inch of piping for cracks or openings where the smell is coming from, and then make the repair from there. If an entire length of pipe is cracked (quite common), you should replace it using PVC drain pipe of the same size, and no-hub couplers to fit the pipe into place. You will have to cut the old pipe off with a sawzall (be prepared for a MESS), and make sure that nobody uses any water when you do this.

Stinky smell in the house

What kind of thoughts can you give me as to the cause of the following problem? Every once in a while the inside of my house smells horrible. It is kind of like a sulfur/egg smell. My septic tank was emptied and inspected about 8 months ago. Aerator works fine too. I have made sure all the drain traps aren't drying up. I have lived here about a year and didn't have the problem until about 3 months ago. We have had a lot of rain/snow during this trouble period, could that contribute to the cause?The smell lasts about a week and suddenly goes away as quickly as it came. Any ideas???Well the septic is one thought, but you have checked the likely spots. Do you have any drains you may have missed like in the basement floor (although that would not likely go to the septic tank)

Another thought is products of combustion.. your furnace do you have an oil furnace? While they are not likely to smell like sulfur.... Also what about you cars.. attached garage? Do you warm them up close to the house or in the garage? What about any close neighbor.

In extremely cold weather the vent stack  can freeze shut. It has to get very cold for this.

Sink odors

Here is my problem, the sink in my upstairs bathroom smells when we run the water, I tried to put a little liquid draino in but that didn't work, do you h...

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