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Fastenal- Searcy
1208 South Benton Street Searcy, AR, 72143
Searcy, AR
Homer's Ace Hdwe
(501) 268-3515
2128 W Beebe Capps Expy
Searcy, AR
501 203-1000
Searcy, AR
Pangburn Hardware
(501) 728-3512
801 Main St
Pangburn, AR

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Automatic Door Sales & Service Of Arkansas
(501) 888-2443
820 Pratt Rd
Little Rock, AR
Searcy - Auth Hometown
(501) 268-5841
2310 E. Race Ave
Searcy, AR
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(501) 203-1000
3701 East Race Avenue
Searcy, AR
M-TH 7 am - 9 pm
FRI-SA 7 am - 10 pm
SU 8 am - 7 pm

Coast To Coast True Value
(800) 642-7392
2133 E Race
Searcy, AR

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Ron's Home Repair & Maintenance
(501) 628-4261
101 Pafford Lane
Romance, AR
Glass Doctor
(501) 223-3135
1317 North Hills Blvd
North Little Rock, AR
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HandymanWire - Window Glazing Questions and Answers


I am trying to re-glaze glass in galvanized casement windows. Is there some trick to make the glazing compound smooth out? When I run my putty knife along the joint the material seems to pull away from the joint. The only way I have been able to work the compound is by adding a small amount of mineral spirits or brushing some on after I have pushed the compound into the "L" joint. I am using new glazing compound from a gallon can.

(1) Kneed the compound so that is is very soft and a little sticky.
(2) Apply putty using you fingers onto the muttons "window frame" before setting the window.
(3) Set the window on top of the putty, working around the window, pressing on the glass so that the putty ozzes out of the back and sides. There should be no air pocket and the putty should fill all of the back stop of the mutton. Approx 1/8" of putty should be behind the glass now.
(4) Set your glaszing points or clips now.
(5) Trim the excess putty flush from the inside of the window. Do NOT trim the excess putty on the outside.
(6) Work from the one side, top, other side then bottom. This will help keep putty from messing up the finished section.
(7)Start by rolling the kneeded putty in to a (approx) 1/2" string. Set the putty with you thumb, pushing it firmly into place. The key here is to have more than enough putty Not less.
(8) Use a spray bottle of window clean such as Windex. Lightly spray the section. This will help keep the putty from sticking to th knife. NOTE Always keep the knife clean.
(9) Press firmly on the knife, the edge shoud follow the back stop of the mutton while resting on the outer edge of of it. This is more of a cutting than a smoothing action. If you need to touch up use the spray bottle to keep the putty wet and also keep the knife clean.
(10) A great way to make it look good,use a wide blade putty knife to strighten up the putty edge of the putty by gently pushing and trimming.

Stripping and Reglazing Old Sunporch windows

I am presently trying to repaint the outside of my sunporch.I am using a heat gun and scraper.Should I remove all the old glazing even if it is in good condition. What tools do I need ? Where do I purchase them? How do I properly remove the glazing? I have a home repair book but it doesn't go into detail.

It is not necessary to remove glazing that is in good condition. To remove th...

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HandymanWire - Window Leaks Questions and Answers

Sweating windows

I have metal single glass thickness windows to the outside with storm windows mounted on the inside of the house. There is an airspace between the storm and metal/glass windows. During a recent home inspection to sell the home these windows were sited for sweating on the inside at the top of the double hung metal/glass windows that are to the outside. I have to fix this problem before closing on the sale of this home. How can I fix the problem of sweating on the interior? Is there caulking or something I can do to eliminate this problem? Thank you for your help!

The sweat on the windows is caused by INTERIOR moisture in the air condensing on the cold window pane. Typically storm windows are installed on the outside, and that additional insulation they provide limits the condensation on the interior panes. The interior windows are typically tight enough to prevent moisture from passing through to the area between the window and the storm window.

Now in your case, the storms are on the inside. So the best bet for keeping moisture from condensing on the window is to make sure the storms seal tight. I doubt you want to caulk on the interior, so you may want to try some of the rolled weather stripping strips that come with adhesive. I am thinking that this is a losing proposition, since your windows on the outside seal tighter than storm windows and any moisture that does seep through will have no where to go, but to condense on the cold glass. I would go with the weather stripping, but first you need to eliminate the moisture that is between there now. You can crack the window open ever so slightly, to allow the moisture a path to escape and then seal the storm window tightly.

Of course, ideally, and most expensively, would be to have storm windows that install on the exterior. That way the tight wondow will not allow moisture to pass through, and any moisture that d...

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HandymanWire - Window Replacement and Parts Questions and Answers

Window Parts

Does anyone know where I can find replacement window parts. I would like to replace the cracks and latches on several windows in my home. The windows are manufactured by a company called "BuiltBest."

The company name is BiltBest located in Mo. about 100 south of St Louis. Ph No. is 1-800-245-8237

Sash Replacements

I need sash replacements for windows circa 1972, company name vacu-lite. any leads

Most big box and lumber yards can order sash replacement kits, i have used marvin and crestline units but there are many others also

Good Replacement Windows

We are in an old house, 1914 and are looking into have the windows replaced. We have a couple quotes on aluminum clad wood windows, and of course it is pricey. Mostly because of the installation...they are talking about going down to the rough window opening and removing/replacing the interior sills and trim. We are searching for a company that makes a true replacement window, someone told me to look into question is...has anyone done a job like this, and how do you know what a "good" window is? There are so many brands and companies...

It all depends on what you want. If you want a good, inexpensive window and don't mind vinyl or wood-look windows, check out Simonton. They make a true replacement window, any size you want. The cost will be more with any window if you replace the sills and trim. But, do you need to. If they are in good shape, don't replace them. Any good carpenter can remove these for window replacement without any problem and reinstall them.

Replacement Windows Ok?

I'm having replacement windows installed in my home to replace the existing single pane old aluminum ones. Are replacement windows OK? Anyone have any experience with them?

Repacement windows are as good as others. As with most things, you get what you...

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