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Mac Roofing Services
(702) 269-7911
6160 Annie Oakley Drive
Las Vegas, NV

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Hardacker Roofing Corp
(702) 997-1425
4500 N Walnut Rd # B
North Las Vegas, NV

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The Roofing Company
(702) 739-7663
4515 Copper Sage Ste 100
Las Vegas, NV
Reeves Roofing Co
(702) 396-0154
7065 W Ann Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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First Quality Roofing
(702) 262-1674
3232 Meade Ave
Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas Roofing Pros
(702) 537-0922
4402 W Russell Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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A-Advantage Roofing Inc
(702) 870-2986
4352 E Alexander Rd
Las Vegas, NV

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Prestige Roofing
(702) 646-7536
3405 Bunkerhill Drive
Las Vegas, NV
Cooper Roofing Co Inc
(702) 688-7940
231 W Utah Ave
Las Vegas, NV

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Puff, Inc.
(702) 604-2930
1030 E Flamingo
Las Vegas, NV
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Roof Tips


Roof Inspection

Now is the time to be checking out your roof to determine if it needs any repairs. You might have some problems over the winter months if some of your shingles have lost their surface granules, or there are broken pieces of shingle scattered about on the roof. Also, check for any cupped, curled or brittle shingles.
A quick check in the attic for leaks, might also help you decide how the roof is holding up.

Roof Care

High winds, snow and ice can damage a roof. Check after heavy storms, and every spring for water stains in the attic and on the overhang. Repair or replace split or loose shingles.
Asphalt shingles, should be replaced when the mineral granules coating the top surface disappear and you see exposed black felt. Get a professional. You'll save in the long run.
Do not walk on the roof except when absolutely necessary. Inspect if from the edge. Check flashings (chimneys, vents, skylights, etc.)
If you install an antenna, be sure you caulk any holes you make.

Gutters and Downspouts

Prevent water from seeping through walls and damaging paint by checking to see that gutters are:
  • Sloping correctly so that water flows to the downspout.
  • Clear of leaves and debris.
  • In good repair and without holes

    Gutter Cleanout

    Take a few minutes on a nice autumn day, grab your ladder and cleanout those gutters of any leaves and sticks. You will save yourself from a messy...

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