Roofing Installation Apache Junction AZ

Looking for Roofing Installation in Apache Junction? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Apache Junction that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Roofing Installation in Apache Junction.

Rightway Roofing, Inc.
(602) 299-8851
1818 N Sericin Circle
Mesa, AZ

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Sun Limited Foam Inc
(480) 832-3334
3050 W 4th Ave
Apache Junction, AZ

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New Tech Foam Insulation
(480) 220-2794
19120 E Karsten Dr
Queen Creek, AZ

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Iron Fortress Metal Roofing LLC
(480) 274-3649
11554 E. Decatur St.
Mesa, AZ
Metric Roofing
(480) 324-2000
4008 E Presidio St
Mesa, AZ

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Tosko Construction
(480) 982-6314
4130 N Colt Rd
Apache Junction, AZ

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Able Roofing
(480) 288-9718
PO Box 2219
Apache Junction, AZ

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Soprema Inc.
(480) 421-8186
11234 E. Broadway Rd.
Mesa, AZ
Manufacturer Building Envelope Products
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Sheet Metal Works of Arizona
(480) 969-6319
3845 N Higley
Mesa, AZ
Castle Roofing Co.
(520) 749-4090
2732 N. Melpomene Way
Tucson, AZ
Full Service Roofing Contractor
5 AM to 5 PM
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Rosie On the House Referral Network

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HandymanWire - Roofing Installation Questions and Answers

Roofing Paper

Roofing Paper or Not?

I need to stip my roof,do I use felt paper or just shingles on 1x6 boards. I heard that felt paper holds moisture in so shingles can't breath, and shortens the life on shingles.

Do you mean cedar shingles? With regular roofing shingles, asphalt and fiberglass, roofing paper is still widely used and recommended. (I have heard a few argue against it though)

For Cedar shingles you are right.. no roofing paper, let them breath.



I need to re-shingle the roof on a home I just purchased. I am familiar with the basics of the job, but I'm not sure how to tie the main roof shingles into a dormer roof. Could you please offer me some advice on this subject?

How are the valleys shingled now? Generally I prefer a closed valley shingling. They look neater. When the shingle reaches the valley, let it bend up along the dormer roof. (Don't cut it at the valley) Then do that course of dormer shingles with the same over lap on the main roof.

You alternate back and forth with them using the shingles to cover the valley.

By the way, typically the bag containing the shingles shows this method with a picture.. which is worth a thousand words.

Roofing a valley on a porch

I have a brand new home, Cape Cod style w/dormered upstairs windows. I have a new large porch that is also dormered and the roof connects on the upward/backward slope of the house.
My husband is a pretty handy guy...but wants some info on shingling the valley where the porch joins the house. We don't want it to leak and want to do the right thing up front...since the porch is new.
Need to know what products to buy, like flashing, caulking etc. and some step by step. Any ideas out there??

There are two ways to shingle a valley.. open or closed. Closed looks much better.. it is made by weaving the shingles and presents an unbro...

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