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Piedmont Backhoe Svc
(704) 876-1049
165 Churchland Dr
Statesville, NC

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Action Service Company LLC
(704) 872-4747
443 Drake St
Statesville, NC

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Ammons T W Septic Service
(704) 663-7631
215 Little Creek Rd
Mooresville, NC

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Athens Plumbing
(704) 233-7369
710 North Broad Sttreet
MooresvilleNT, NC

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Gary Smith Plumbing
(828) 632-3999
896 Old Nc 90
Taylorsville, NC

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A &K Plumbing
(704) 528-9266
199 High Lake Dr
Statesville, NC

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Collins & Son Plumbing Co Inc
(704) 663-0246
132 Sagemore Road
Mooresville, NC
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David Douthit Plumbing Inc
(704) 660-6617
594 Patterson Farm Road
Mooresville, NC

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Rothrock Plumbing, LLC
(828) 446-3760
2785 Tiffany St
Conover, NC
Minyard Plumbing, Inc.
(828) 324-0041
389 Starnes Circle Drive
Taylorsville, NC

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Toilet Questions and Answers

Flush Problems

Takes two Flushes

Whenever I flush it stops halfway thru the cycle,but when I have a lot of toilet paper in it it goes thru the whole cycle.

You may have one of the early models of low flush toilet. The reason your toilet seems to flush better with more paper is that the extra paper is creating a temporary blockage that allows water to build up behind it, finally pushing the paper through the bowl. Not a good situation, and not a solution. You may want to look into a new toilet, the newer models work far better.

Iron in toilet

Because of the high concentration of iron in our well, our water closet doesn/t flush very well since the particles of iron plug up the inner flow of water into the WC basin. What product will dissolve the iron particles so that water flows freely?

Are you looking for a pruduct that will dissolve the iron presently in the basin? Or to prevent it from keep happening.. or both?

I am not aware of any product that will dissolve what is there, except for trying to clean them out manually. To prevent it from reoccuring, you can install a filter on the water supply that will filter out all the iron. You can get a small one which will just do that one line, or a large one that will do all the water for the whole house. The filters need to be changed every 1 to 3 months.


Toilet not flushing

I live in a 3 story townhome. We have two bathrooms upstairs in each bedroom, and a bathroom downstairs. One bathroom upstairs and the downstairs bathroom does not flush completely. It does not overflow, but when your flush, it fills up and the water just spins around. On average about 1/4 of the waste actually drains on each flush. At times it actually flushes completely. It appears odd to me that the other upstairs bathroom does not have this problem. I have tried Liquid Drano for toilets, but it does not seem to to the j...

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Toilet Repairs

Water supply valve
Float ball- The ball that rides on the surface of the water in the tank. When the tank is full, the float ball shuts off the ballcock.
Flush valve- Connection that consists of the flapper and the flush valve seat.
Flush valve seat- Brass or plastic sealant ring located at the bottom of the tank.
Lift arm- Thin metal rod inside the tank that connects to the flush handle and raises the flapper valve.
Main drain- The slanting pipe in the basement or crawl space that carries wastes to a sewer or septic tank; also called building drain.
Main water valve- Located on the wall near the floor, this is a knob you twist to turn the water supply on and off.
Overflow pipe- Long, hollow tube, fastened to the bottom of the tank.
Flapper (also called stopper, tank-ball, seal or disk)- Rubbery plug attached to the lift chain.
Tank- Large, oblong ceramic container that's located behind the toilet bowl.
Trap- Where waste water goes as it leaves the toilet bowl.

How A Toilet Works

To better understand how your toilet works, take the lid off your tank and flush it a few times. Here's what you'll see.

  • When you push the handle, the chain lifts the flapper valve (also called the stopper or tank ball).
  • Water in the tank flows through the flush valve opening into the toilet bowl.
  • The water from the tank forces waste water in the toilet bowl through the trap and into the main drain.
  • Once the tank is empty, the flapper valve seals the...

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