Vinyl Flooring Tarboro NC

Looking for Vinyl Flooring in Tarboro? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Tarboro that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Vinyl Flooring in Tarboro.

The Rug Shoppe / Full Service Flooring
(252) 756-9308
2010 Allen Road
Greenville, NC
Triton Woods LLC
(252) 823-6675
1911 Nc Highway 42 E
Macclesfield, NC
Carpetland Carpet One
(252) 446-2311
1117 S Wesleyan Blvd
Rocky Mount, NC
Hometown Flooring Center Corporation
(252) 977-9500
2730 N Wesleyan Blvd
Rocky Mount, NC
Scotland Neck Heart Pine
(252) 826-2755
25574 Nc Highway 125
Scotland Neck, NC
Triton Woods LLC
(252) 823-6675
200 E Saint James Street
Tarboro, NC
Godwin Floor Sanding Laying & Finishing
(252) 442-0629
100 N Washington St
Rocky Mount, NC
Crs Roofing
(252) 442-4411
2518 Sunset Ave
Rocky Mount, NC
Godwin Floor Sanding Laying
(252) 442-0629
1333 N Wesleyan Blvd
Rocky Mount, NC
Family Flooring
(252) 321-8453
137 Greenville Blvd Sw
Greenville, NC

HandymanWire - Vinyl FLoor Questions and Answers

The mastic you put down for the tile is thick enough that irregularities are easily covered.

They did tell you to rescrew the floor down, right? Use screws every eight inches along all the joists.

Removing Vinyl Flooring before Laying Tile

Could someone tell me what is the easiest or best way to remove vinyl flooring/glue and all. We're replacing it with ceramic tile and the entire vinyl flooring has been glued down.

Having just done this, I can honestly say.. there is no easy way. Here is what I dealt with. TO have it done professionally, no one would take up the vinyl for fear of asbestos. I didn't want to put anything on top, because I didn't want the extra height.. There are mastics for cementing the tile which can go over the plywood floor, if the the floor is sturdy enough (at least one inch of plywood between the sub floor and the underlayment) So I ripped it up, and scraped it with hand scrapers till I got pretty much everything up. It wasn't easy.. but it only took about one full day to do a 12x38 section of my house.

Linoleum Removal: Tools Needed and Height Added when Replaced w/Tile

I have two layers of linoleum in a small kitchen. I need to replace it with something as it is coming up in some areas and it is ugly!!! What do you think?

I will need a list of tools needed for the job if you think I should remove the linoleum. I read your comments to another person with the same problems and "grunt labor" is nothing I am looking forward to.

Can I only remove what is pulling up? If I leave it on what can I put over it? I was thinking about Ceramic tile. I have looked into it and seems to me that it will raise my floor another inch or more. Is that right? Is that normal and will it look ok around the cabinets and walls?

When I started looking into this.. I was where you are. I tried hiring the job out.. but no one would remove the old vinyl. I think there is too much fear of asbestos.. even though mine was asbestos free. (Yours may not be... if it is older than the 80's.. it probably has it) The pros solution was to cover everything with Luan plywood.. and start over. Well. that was for new vinyl. For tile.. it was another story.

Luan is not good for tile.. besides.. I too, did not like the thoughts of the raised floor. IF your floor is now.. 1 1/8 inches thick.. that is.. you have 1/2-inch subfloor.. and 5/8 inch underlayment.. of plywood.. you can go with tile over that. Ther...

Removing Vinyl Flooring to Lay Tile

We are trying to replace our vinyl flooring with tile, but are unable to remove the compound beneath the vinyl. The floors been there a really long time. The adhesive remover we bought at Home Depot, mineral spirits, etc. don't work at all.

Did someone tell you that you needed to remove all that compound? I just redid my floor, I had the same condition.. I removed everything that was loose and then tiled on top of everything. It has worked fine with no problems.

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