Vinyl Siding Installation Bowling Green KY

Looking for Vinyl Siding Installation in Bowling Green? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Bowling Green that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Vinyl Siding Installation in Bowling Green.

Lawn Doctor of Bowling Green
(270) 846-1130
Po Box 51208
Bowling Green, KY
Cutting Edge Lawn Care
(270) 842-8636
1209 Cabell Drive
Bowling Green, KY
Frank OTTE Nursery
(270) 781-3220
5710 Scottsville Road
Bowling Green, KY
Villegas Landscaping & Lawn Services
(270) 782-2555
321 Clifford Way
Bowling Green, KY
Chain Saw World-Bowling Green
(270) 843-3594
1048 Brockley Way
Bowling Green, KY
Hartland Equipment Corporation
(270) 781-4747
820 Three Springs Road
Bowling Green, KY
Jefferds Corporation
(270) 842-4253
350 Cal Batsel Road
Bowling Green, KY
Hollands Lawn Care
(270) 782-5334
1975 Claypool Alvaton Road
Bowling Green, KY
(270) 782-3990
5710 Scottsville Road
Bowling Green, KY
Fishey Business
(270) 782-6044
1415 Campbell Lane
Bowling Green, KY

HandymanWire - Vinyl Siding Questions and Answers


Vinyl siding installation

 I want to side my home with vinyl siding, I'm a do-it-yourselfer but this is a pretty big job. Some questions I have, do I remove my existing cedar shake siding or just go over it? How big of a job is it really to do or should I leave it to a pro?

How game are you?? Installing vinyl siding can be a do-it-yourself job. Actually the siding part is relatively easy. The trim work is always the hardest part. If you can find an installer that will work with you, maybe you can do part of the job.

You generally install the siding right over your existing siding.

Look at your neighbor's or friend's house that is vinyl sided, and get an idea of what you need.

The corner pieces, the bottom edge, top edge, and the J channels around the windows and doors etc. Again the hard part will be the trim work. Look at the eaves and the fascia. I usually cover that with aluminum. You can rent a brake and do that part too, if you want to give it a try.

Installation directions

Can anyone direct me to a web site that gives detailed instructions about installing vinyl house siding?



Vinyl siding installed over other siding

I have defective hardboard siding which is warped and full of moisture. I'm looking for opinions on whether or not to tear the old siding off of the house or leave it when the vinyl is put on. Also is there a minimum thickness the vinyl should be?

Typically the vinyl is installed right over the existing siding. But that usually is if the present siding is structurally ok. I think you can cover it as long as it is not infested with termites/ants. The vinyl will stop any additional moisture damage.

The thickness is regulated by A.S.T.M D3679 and should be no less than .035 in thickness, premium siding product will measure 40 plus or minus .005.



Cutting Vinyl Siding?

We want to install a chimney and need to cut the existing vinyl siding in order to attach the two by four for the chimney framing. What is the best way to cut vinyl that is in place already ?

If there is nothing under there that will be affected, set your circular saw for a minimum cut and snap a line and run it up the line.

I have cut it with a utility knife, but I wouldn't try it on that job. The saw will give y...

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