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HD Supply
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Fastenal- Tupelo
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Tupelo, MS
662 842-6404
Tupelo, MS

How to Remove Wallpaper

By Ellen Flaherty

There are several ways of removing wallpaper. First, you must know what surface you are working with. Steamers which can be rented have always been my favorite especially for plaster walls. You merely steam the paper and scrape off. I have also used several stripping products, which you can find at your local paint and wallpaper stores.
There is a tool that you may use along with the strippers, which scores the paper for removal, these are best used with pretty solid under layers. If the wallboard was not prepared well before papering you may find that these tools may score your actual wallboard, which is something you don't want.
If the paper has been put up on well prepared walls or plaster I have even used vinegar and water.

I personally like to do the least amount of work possible, so I recommend that what ever product you decide to use, let the product do it's work. Read the directions and don't rush the process.

After the wallpaper is off, wash the walls with hot water to remove paste, or if the walls have been painted wash with sugar soap or trisodium phosphate, then lightly sand with medium grade sandpaper. This is the time you will want to fill any holes or cracks. Do not sand new plasterboard (drywall) surfaces but seal with a coat of latex paint. It is recommended whatever your surface apply sizing for ease in hanging the paper and to make future stripping easier...

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