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Looking for Wallpaper Removal in Littleton? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Littleton that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Wallpaper Removal in Littleton.

(303) 756-9447
4697 E Evans Ave
Denver, CO
Belcaro Paint & Decorating Center
(303) 757-5435
5475 Leetsdale Dr
Denver, CO
National Wall Covering
(303) 832-2161
571 S Clarkson St
Denver, CO
Guiry'S Paint Wallpaper & Art Supplies
(303) 292-0444
2245 Market St
Denver, CO
Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes
(303) 458-5311
450 W 42nd Ave
Denver, CO
Azteca Auto Concepts
(303) 742-4750
1120 S Federal Blvd
Denver, CO
T J Hooker Incorporated
(303) 722-4333
595 S Broadway
Denver, CO
Commercial Wallcover Source Koroseal
(303) 573-9120
1330 Zuni St
Denver, CO
Maverick Graphics Signs Banners Denver
(303) 292-2535
2485 Curtis St
Denver, CO
Wall Resources
(303) 433-9857
505 W 40th Ave
Denver, CO

HandymanWire -Removing Wallpaper Questions and Answers


Removing wallpaper from sheet rock  

I am removing wallpaper from a room in my house. I can get it off the plaster walls without any problem using a solution of vinegar and water; however it appears some repair work was done with sheet rock which was not plastered. wallpaper is adhered directly to it in some sections of the room. when I try to remove it with the vinegar and water solution, I get a big mess. any suggestions?

No... other than scraping the mess off, and repairing the wall again, or steaming it off.. I have no suggestions.

Gosh I hate wall paper. Good luck.

Removing wallpaper!

We have been in our house about a year and a half and the wallpaper was apparently put up VERY poorly. It is already starting to lift on the seems and peel on the edges. I have decided not to repaper because I don't really like wallpaper anyway, so I need the wall to be able to be painted when I am done taking down the paper.

First I need to know how to get the paper down and if there is a "homemade solution" to help get all the glue ect...

Second I need to know how to prime the walls for painting after it is all down.

To remove it, I know of no home remedies.. (if you find one and it works well be sure to let us know!) Wall paper is best removed with rented steaming equipment. Or you can buy the wallpaper remover that sponge on.. then lift it off.

After the paper is off, as long as the wall is smooth (fill any holes with joint compound) you can coat the walls with sizing and paper away.

  Removing wall paper

I would like to remove some wall paper so that I can paint the walls. We just bought a house and it has wallpaper in the restores and kitchen. I would like to remove the wall paper and paint the walls. Willing to hear any suggestions anyone may have.

I don't know of any secret recipes. You can buy wallpaper remover and brush it on and ease it off. You can also rent a steamer for removal which works better.


I am stripping two layers of wallpaper from an upstairs bathroom. The second layer of wallpaper is virtually been impossible to remove. I've tried everything short of burning it off. It seems as if it was glued to the drywall directly and in some cases directly to the plaster. I want to paint the wall but I'm spending hours peeling this stuff of with no success. ...

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