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Gt Covers
(303) 755-6005
17100 E Ohio Dr
Aurora, CO
Alpha Omega Upholstery
(303) 360-5728
60 S Havana St
Aurora, CO
Burnes Plastics & Interiors
(303) 366-8286
11660 Montview Blvd
Aurora, CO
Furniture Medic
(303) 377-3659
1390 Forest St
Denver, CO
Complete Upholstery Services
(303) 782-9454
4990 E Evans Ave
Denver, CO
Lev's Upholstery
(303) 988-8253
15446 E Hampden Ave
Aurora, CO
AAA Best Furniture
(303) 751-6680
1640 S Abilene St
Aurora, CO
Hempt's Furniture Shop
(303) 322-9263
1450 Oneida St
Denver, CO
Modular Office Renovation Expe
(303) 371-4049
4903 Nome St
Denver, CO
Philip Ramos Upholstery Inc
(303) 329-6482
3904 Niagara St
Denver, CO

Furniture Tips


Water Spots On Furniture

Take an old, worn-in toothbrush and some baking soda. Wrap the bristles in a soft, damp cloth and then dip in the baking soda. Rub the water spot area gently to remove the stain.

Teak Furniture

Teakwood being an oil-finished product needs special care. Frequent dusting is very important. Frequently used furniture need oiling every month or so. Use a solution of mild detergent for cleaning and tung oil for restoring the sheen to dry areas.
Furniture not used as much may need oiling only once or twice a year. Oil if wood looks pale and the surface feels dry. Oil piece, then let the oil set for 3 to 4 hr. or even overnight. Then buff with another clean, soft clothe to remove the excess oil.

What Should You Use To Refinish That Wood Project?

How do you determine whether paint remover or a furniture refinisher is needed for a particular refinishing job?
Use a cotton ball, moisten with nail polish remover and touch it to the furniture. If the cotton ball sticks, the finish is varnish, lacquer or shellac, and you need to use a furniture refinisher. If the cotton ball does not stick, you need to use paint remover.

Furniture Scratches

Scratched Wood Tables

To keep your tables from being scratched buy ordinary felt and glue it onto the bottom of ashtrays, vases, and collectibles. That way, their sharp edges will not mar your woodwork. Glue or double-faced tape can secure the felt.

Scratches in Furniture

Deep scratches are hard to cover up, but some surface scratches are filled in and made less visible with furniture polishes.

Cedar Chests and Closets

Why These Chests and Closets Work So Well!

Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) does not repel moths or beetles from its odors. This is an old wives tale! The wood is resistant to insects but the odor doesn't act as a repellant.
Don't throw or give away your cedar chests quite yet! The cedar chests and closet...

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