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Bobby L Ferguson Heating & Air
(229) 234-0996
1794 GA Highway 33 S
Moultrie, GA
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Central AC Installation, Duct Cleaning, Furnace Installation, Heat Installation, Heat Pump Installation, HVAC Contractors, Refrigeration System Installation
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Central AC, Furnace, Heat Pump, Heater, Refrigeration System

(229) 616-3440
602 Veteran'S Parkway North
Moultrie, GA
M-SA 7 am - 9 pm
SU 8 am - 8 pm

Baell Mercantile Company
(229) 985-5151
550 1st St NE
Moultrie, GA
Anne Hanks Designs
(229) 485-6803
245 Suwanee Rd
Moultrie, GA
Ronnie Smith Htg & A/C
(706) 678-4398
5071 Lincolnton Rd
Washington , GA
The Home Depot
450 Veterans Pkwy North
Moultrie, GA
Mon-Sat: 8:00am-8:00pm
Sun: 9:00am-6:00pm

Sunset Plz Mall
(229) 985-4440
2417 S Main St
Moultrie, GA
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Fastenal- Moultrie
1624 1st Ave SE Moultrie, GA, 31768
Moultrie, GA
Crawford Constuction & Handyman Service
(229) 672-1149
Centennial Rd.
Coolidge, GA
Snellville Heating & Air Inc
(770) 982-9800
2071 Nunnally Farm Rd
Monroe , GA

Heating Tips

Wood Stoves

Burn Seasoned Wood

Always burn seasoned wood- that means it has been split, stacked and covered for at least 8 months. Using greenwood means a cooler fire in your woodstove and flue, thereby giving you a greater chance of creosote buildup. So beware!!

Stove Ashes

Coal ashes are toxic to plants, but wood ashes are great for your plants and garden. They help neutralize soil acidity. You can use any type of ash to provide traction on icy walks and driveways!

Treated Wood

A word of caution to all wood burners: Think before you throw any treated wood into your wood stove or furnace! This wood produces very toxic gases and ashes when burned. Play it safe and dispose of treated wood in an approved landfill.

Chainsaw Safety

Just a few rules to remember when using the chainsaw this fall.
  • Never cut when standing behind the saw.
  • Keep your left elbow straight, not bent, to help control kickback.
  • And wear a hard hat, goggles or visor and earplugs.


    If you are thinking about burning firewood this winter how do you determine whether the effort will be worthwhile? A shipment of 150 gallons of oil give about the same BTU's as a cord of wood. Therefore, using hardwood you shouldn't pay more per cord than 150x's the price of oil per gallon. ( E.g. Oil at $1.00 / gallon, a cord of wood should cost no more than $150 ).

    One Cord Of Wood Equals:

    A pile of wood equals 4x4x8 ft. If you take all the air out of a cord of wood you end up with 500 board feet. This could be turned into any of the following:
    • 71/2 million toothpicks
    • 250 copies of the Sunday New York Times
    • 460,000 personal checks
    • 30 rocking chairs, or
    • 12 large dining room tables

      Water Heater-

      Heater Tlc

      To help prevent sediment buildup in your water heater, drain enough water from the water heater until it runs clear. Try to remember to repeat this procedure about every 2 months for better heater efficiency during the h...

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