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Precision Contracting Inc.
(859) 431-5585
218 East McMicken
Newport, KY

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Quality Drywall Co.
(513) 231-8061
652 Hiddenpoint Drive
Cincinnati, OH

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Modern Dry Wall Co.
(513) 521-8657
1404 Compton Road
Cincinnati, OH

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McCool Plaster & Drywall Inc.
(513) 353-9644
4065 Hooven Road
Cleves, OH

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Brock Drywall Service Inc.
(513) 752-8730
1124 Old State Route 74
Batavia, OH

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Trutschel Plastering Inc.
(859) 581-4598
16 Rose Drive
Dayton, KY

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Prestige Contracting Inc.
(513) 542-7611
P.O. Box 58387
Cincinnati, OH

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Bosse Drywall Inc.
(513) 825-2763
3460 West Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH

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Saint Plastering Systems Inc.
(513) 662-4912
P.O. Box 38
North Bend, OH

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The Home Depot
415 Crossroads Blvd
Cold Spring, KY
Mon-Sat: 7:00am-10:00pm
Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

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Drywall tips


Workable Plaster

If you are not used to working with plaster, you may find that it dries out quickly! To help, add a little household vinegar to the plaster. You will then be able to work with it longer until your speed increases!

Nails In Plaster

To avoid splitting a plaster wall when driving a nail into it, try heating up the nail first. The hot nail will go through the plaster easier and without any cracks!


Finding A Wall Stud

Ever wondered how to find a wall stud when you want to hang a picture? Wall studs are usually 16 and 18 inches apart. Tap the wall gently with a hammer. The change in sound will indicate the presence of a stud.

Tearing Down A Wall

First check for your load bearing walls. Load bearing walls can be replaced; but you need to transfer the load from the wall to a header and cripple to the foundation or suitable support.


Do I have to remove the old plaster or can I use wallboard screws to put sheetrock over the existing plaster? All the studs have been located visually.
You can sheetrock right over the old plaster. Just recognize and plan for the extra width of the walls in the door jam and window framing areas.


Clean Wood Paneling

Do as the experts do and use a cleaning solution such as Murphy's oil soap, sponge and cleaning cloth . Wipe with the woods grain when drying and no streaks!

Textured Ceiling Or Wall

How to clean?? Very carefully! ...

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